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Untitled 2014 .jpg
Three and Four Red Yellow & Green Oil on canvas 65 x 160_ 2013.jpg
Oak Avenue 4 2 views.jpg
Blue Pontiac 2011.jpg
may 2010.jpg
Pontiac gouache on paper mounted on canvas 60 x 47 inches 2011.jpg
Peter Crow workbook drawing Outer Banks sept 5, 2017 .jpg
Peter Crow self-portrait #1 ink 12 x 9_ 2017 .jpg


New Art Ideas and Images

The petercrowpainter website was founded in 2017. It features my latest drawings and paintings, along with earlier work, and provides insight into my artistic journey, from dream to drawing, to the idea in full, rendered freely in saturated paint on paper and canvas. I'll post information about coming exhibitions, past projects, and checkout "Thoughts and Musings," my new blog for occasional insights of pure genius, as I explore the disappearing element of empathy from humankind through ironically colorful expressions.

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