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My Studio

This is one of the places where I work. It's in the basement of an old house in Birmingham, Michigan. Fly-over country to some of you. Metro Detroit to those of us who live here. I've lived in this house, on and off, since I was 12 years old. There were sojourns in graduate school in Indiana, a brief stay in Seattle, and 10 years in Brooklyn. But in the end, I came back to the house, the basement, the neighborhood where I'd grown up and, eventually, a job. A few years ago, my friend John, a terrific designer in his own right, remodeled this space, putting up the sliding panels. I like seeing artist's studios, even the clutter and mess. When moving around, I step carefully.

A New Work

This is my latest piece. It's titled "October Piece." I gave it that title because I worked on it for the month of October. It's all I did that month, and for part of November, too. What are the ideas here? Too many to recount in this space. One might be serendipity. All of the pieces of this piece came from failed pieces, works that I cut up and tore up, and put the scraps into garbage bags and tossed them into a corner of my studio. And forgot about them. I suppose I was tired of looking at them because, as I said, they reminded me of failed work. Sometime later, I left my studio (I'll try to explain this later) and moved back home to help an aged parent. Wanting somehow to get back into w


As a painter, I also draw. Drawing is central to what I do. The movement of my hand, wrist, arm and shoulder are just one of the pleasures of drawing. I guess the other one would be looking. Looking at the drawing as it progresses. And then looking at it after it's finished. My drawings may have nothing to do with my paintings or works on paper. Or, at least appear that way. For example, these workbook drawings would appear to be unrelated to the work I did just after this, "October Piece." I'm not sure it matters if there's any visual resemblance to other work or not. These drawings are just about the physical, emotional and intellectual pleasure of drawing, not much more than that. This ph



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