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Intention and Intuition

Once again, I was asked about my intent. This was the first question asked by a writer, about my art, on seeing three of my framed paper paintings for the first time. We had not met before and I believe she viewed them favorably and was genuinely interested in knowing more. My first thought, which I kept to myself was: the paintings you see are what I intended. Instead, I tried to explain how my motivation for making a painting is rolled into and inseparable from the process I use to make the painting. Paintings are not preplanned and executed according to a blueprint, but rather begin with a vision—a simple motive like a color combination that I want to see, or a composition I wish to impro

On the Table The work table is the center of my studio. It’s where the physical work of making a painting takes place. My table is 8x8 ft. square and low (20”), made of two sheets of 1/2” plywood and lumber. It’s not perfect—there is a slight ridge where the plywood meets. The table is covered with plastic sheeting. I can comfortably work on six paper paintings simultaneously, or one or two canvases. I try to keep space free around the table, where I constantly walk around to work. It is not a table for sitting at. Since college, I have worked mostly horizontally. I painted on boards on the floor at Cranbrook Academy of Art. It’s a technique I learned fro



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