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About my drawing in the MFAC

A new drawing, #16 (Oak Avenue), is in the Michigan Fine Arts Competition, which opened June 22, at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI, and runs through August 23, 2018. The following is from a conversation with the artist. Why did you make this piece? I've had an affinity for the qualities of paper and drawing ever since childhood. Through high school and art school, I kept a sketchbook. For some years I've been making drawings, a fitting name for anything made with paper that's just shy of painting. In 2014, I moved my studio back to my childhood home to assist my mother, who'd just turned 90. Bringing with me a bag of old scrapped drawings, I arranged the pieces on the b

Open Studios Show 2018 and Talk About my Art

NARS Open Studios Show 2018 and Talk About my Art I spent the afternoon hanging and rehanging the show until I got the hang of it. I’m confident with my final selections, though the room could use more light. The show was built around the two large canvases, because I wanted to see them on a wall. For the weekend I’ll just be sitting there and will be surprised if any friends show up, even though the response to the announcement and email has been very favorable. I may want to write about it (blog it) after it comes down next week. I’m just now printing out a handout flyer with a statement and prices, to cover all the bases. — to Peter It went well enough but I didn’t like sitting for my ow



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