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I've been here before

June 16, 2018

Yesterday, I delivered a work on paper or drawing to the Michigan Fine Arts Competition. The MFAC is held at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, a short drive from my house. According to my CV, I've been in the MFAC four times before, the last time was 2014, when I also exhibited a work on paper. Three out of those four times, my piece was put on something publicizing the show, usually on the BBAC website. Yesterday, when I arrived at the gallery to drop off my piece, my work had been placed on an announcement in the gallery about the upcoming show. There were other artist's work on the announcement, about 8 altogether. But, naturally, I was most interested in my own. What did it look like taken out of a context that I might have put it in, and placed into one not of my making? In other words, placed into a situation where whatever control I had, and there was little enough of that, is removed and now the piece is entirely on its own.

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