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As a rule, I don't usually do projects. I'm not sure I would recognize a project if it fell in my lap. Then, the first thing you know, I find myself doing a project. Like, a mural for Art Prize. The competition is to paint a mural on the sides of an 8' x 20' shipping container. The container sides are rippled or corrugated, a small impediment, put there to make it more interesting, I suppose. I can't imagine what it's like to paint what is essentially, a corrugated painting 8' x 56'. Anyway, It seemed like a natural for these drawings that I've been making since last fall. I began by making mock-up drawings that showed, in scale, what my images would look like if they were blown up.

Projects: Projects

Art Prize Shipping Container Mural

May 8, 2018

This is not called a competition, but a grant proposal, perhaps because the grant is so small. Still, the lure of seeing one of my designs painted on both sides of a 8 x 20' shipping container is too much to pass up. Oh, well. Then, there's the not insignificant challenge of painting it, because the sides of the container are corrugated. The ridges may be as much as 6" in height. Then, the artist has six days to paint the mural, a very short period for me, as I'm a pretty slow worker. In any event, it's interesting to see these mock-ups, cut and pasted photocopies, as they remind me very much of a longtime interest, Stuart Davis. Any resemblance, of course, is not intentional.

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