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4 New Drawings in Progress

Dear Friends and Loyal Followers,

Here is my studio wall in a photo taken today, February 22, 2018. The four pieces shown in progress represent about two months of effort. John Elderfield, the curator and art historian, would call them drawings, I think, for the simple reason that they're made of paper. So I'll call them drawings, also. What are the ideas that I'm working with or that are guiding my steps? One has to do with questioning my basic assumptions about how art is made. Somewhere, maybe it was in art school ( I have a feeling that I can trace a lot of my basic assumptions to that time and place) where I learned that one shouldn't repeat oneself. Or, maybe it was Picasso's statement that went something like, I have a fear of repeating myself. For a long time, I've felt an urge to find out what would happen if I did repeat myself. What would it feel like to intentionally remake or redo something? Working these past two months, I'm beginning to get an idea about what that question means.

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