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My sister, Breon, has a studio near Penn Station in Baltimore. It's a big, post-industrial space now occupied by artists. Trains rumble by as one works, bells ringing, the ground shaking. This past week I worked in Breon's studio. I purchased rice paper from the art supply store at MICA and drew on it with a brush and ink. Also, I drew on scrap paper that Breon had given me that I'd pasted to more paper. The scraps were what remained from invitations for my niece's wedding. Breon printed those. So, in a way, those drawings are collaborations. I like drawing on a textured surface. Four of the drawings shown here have that surface, strips of paper butted to paper, some with printed color. The portrait of Gerhard Richter, also given to me by my sister, watched as I worked. His expression seemed to change through the day. One moment he looked stern, but another moment he'd be smiling.

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